New Prices for 2013

Starting with the new year, I will be implementing new prices to reflect my growing customer base. Now, I’ve always put my prices to be what I find morally fair and agreeable even for those on a tight budget because I understand what it means for money to be tight. However, with taking on more and more customers with a more diverse range of issues to solve, I am finding myself with a growing need to invest more in repair & diagnostic tools. This combined with rising utility costs shows me that I need to raise the cost of my services.

This doesn’t mean that I will start charging what the big businesses charge in Moscow or Pullman. We all have personal opinions and while I keep business and personal things separate, I personally feel that big business computer repair costs are outrageous. You won’t see me charging $80 an hour or $160 to remove a virus and take 2 weeks to do so. I do understand that they have insurance, building rental, employees and overhead which all adds to the cost that you pay. I pride myself on fast turn around and affordable service.

Back to the new prices, I haven’t set them in stone yet. I’m researching fair prices for individuals and I’m going to take a long look at what I offer, what others offer and come up with a good balance that should be fair for everyone.