My Random Creations

Feel free to use or edit any of the stuff on this page. Most of these creations are built on other people’s scripts and/or Google searches to figure out a solution that worked in my situation.

ASUS eeePC Cleaner Script – A basic batch file that deletes files in certain directories in Windows XP (ONLY). It was created for use on an older netbook with a 4GB SSD drive which was difficult to install updates on.

phpBB 3 Forum Selector – This is some code I developed for for users to access forum boards quicker. It’s a simple piece of code that reads the database and displays forums and child boards based upon the users selection.

SoftTH 1.09b fix for GTA4 – This fix deletes SoftTH files then waits for the game to launch and then re-adds the files. There’s somehow a bug where the files get loaded too early and the game crashes, this batch file fixes that by adding a delay and automatically copies files over.

X-Fire Status Changer – Kind of annoying batch file but it works. Change the status you want in the .vbs files.

X-Fire CleanX Modded Skin – The original CleanX skin I picked up had a lot of orange that I didn’t like so I changed a few things and made it black & blue. It’s not finished but it looks decent.

Rainmeter Custom Skin – A skin that I’ve taken from various creators and then compiled and customized to fit my own needs: