Month: November 2009

Revised Inventory

Added a bunch of stuff including model numbers for optical drives, power supply inventory, 2 Pentium 3 computers and some grammar fixes.

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Dell Dimension 3000 For Sale! – SOLD

Built, clean and ready to go! Here’s the specs: Intel Pentium 4 HT 3GHz 1MB cache 512MB 266MHz RAM 80GB IBM DeskStar Hard Drive (87% Fitness and 87% Performance, good numbers) CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive CD-RW Drive Onboard Graphics Onboard Sound

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More information!

I’ve been working on revising my “My Computers, Network & Workbench” page and adding more information about my computers and work area. New pictures are up but I’m not done yet! Head on over to check it out and feel

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Dell Dimension 4550 For Sale! – SOLD

Just finished re-building this computer and it works great! Check my inventory page for more information. I do have another Dell that I’m working on that should have a bit more power than this one. If you’re interested in either

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