Computer Services

Diagnostic Fee: $40 More Info

Tune-Up & Virus Removal: $60 (Basic) $80 (Deep) More Info

Custom Built Desktop Computer: $60 More Info

Component Upgrades: $25 each More Info

Re-installation of Windows: $60 More Info

Data Recovery/Backup/Transfer: $50 More Info

Laptop Screen Replacement: $40+Parts More Info

House Calls/On-Site Work: $40(1st hour), $30/hr after + $0.50/mile More Info

Over The Phone/Remote (Online) Support: $30/hr More Info

Website Creation/Setup: $30/hr More Info

The prices you see above aren’t random or pulled from thin air. I have researched prices from countless companies, both large and small, found averages and set my prices below average:
Tune Up: 6 companies averaged at $123
Hardware Install: 8 companies averaged at $49
Data Recovery/Backup/Transfer: 12 companies averaged at $84
OS Re-install: 13 companies averaged at $94
Virus Removal (my Tune Up fee includes this): 12 companies averaged at $107
Laptop Screen Replacement: 5 companies averaged at $105

Guarantee, Warranty & Info:

  • I will never discriminate against any sex, race, religion, social, financial or any other “status”.
  • I honor repeat & referred customers first with priority service.
  • I strive to do “green” work. Choosing RoHS compliant and/or Energy Star compliant devices/parts that are also reliable and durable is just the first step in what I do to help myself and others reduce their footprint.
  • Your privacy is paramount. I will never share any of your information with anyone.
  • I Guarantee to be cheaper in cost than any other local business. Feel free to show me a invoice/estimate from another company and I’ll gladly beat it.
  • If I can’t fix your computer, you don’t pay for my time. (Mostly applies to unknown troubleshooting).
  • Computers are worked on at a clean and smoke-free workbench.
  • You will not be blind to the work that I am doing. I will keep you up to date on what I have done and/or the things that I still have to do. For upgrades/part replacements I will give you recommended options to choose from so you’re not limited in choices.
  • 6 Month warranty on labor. Basically, this means that if I install a graphics card and it fails, bring it back to me and you won’t have to pay me to fix it or find out what the problem is. If the part is to blame and needs replacing, the return shipping expense and waiting for a replacement would be up to the owner.

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