Recommended Programs

This is a list of programs that I highly recommend to get the most out of your computer. They are basic, free and easy to use.

  • Google Chrome – Open source, fast & secure web browser from Google. I used to be an avid Firefox user but after trying Chrome, I switched over and haven’t looked back.
  • LibreOffice – Open source office suite similar to Microsoft Office. It’s free, supports open document formats as well as formats used in Microsoft Office. LibreOffice is an old fork of OpenOffice but has more support and features.
  • CCleaner – Removes unnecessary files to speed up your computer and remove clutter.
  • FileHippo Update Checker – Checks for updates to programs including Beta (test) versions.
  • VLC Media Player – Plays almost every file you can imagine with an easy to use interface.
  • ImgBurn – Program to burn all kinds of CD’s and DVD’s. (Be careful with advertisements on this site, avoid “System Errors” and “Registry” ads, just download the program.)

For doing remote control of computers, I may ask that you download TeamViewer. For quick access, click on the image at the top right of this page to download this small program. It doesn’t install anything, it just sits on your desktop and when you run it, it will supply you with numbers that you will have to give me. The program is totally secure and unless you have the program running and give the numbers to someone, there is no security risk to you.