While I’m building my small business, I greatly appreciate word of mouth and testimonials. They are by far the best and most honest way of advertising. This page is about giving back to the small businesses that have helped me, to give honest reviews and spread the word of some of these local businesses.

Palouse Drain & Plumbing in Palouse, WA – (509) 330-0700 –
I had purchased a repair kit to fix a frost-free hydrant outside that had been leaking. Without a torch, I only had wrenches and cheater bars to twist the head off but it was rusted solid. I dug a hole around the hydrant and started thinking that I didn’t want to replace the whole thing without someone looking at it first, just to make sure nothing else was wrong. I dug the hole and called Palouse Drain among other businesses. It was somewhat early in the morning and I had to leave messages with most businesses. I only heard back from 2 of them and one said it would be a week before they could come out. Adam at Palouse Drain said he might be able to send a guy out later that day or perhaps the next day and promptly gave a price estimate. Adam’s partner Troy called and came by when he said he would a few hours later with a brand new commercial-style hydrant, their top model. He confirmed that it was just the hydrant and installed the new model in what seemed like 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. The hole I had dug had water in it for a week so I got in touch with Adam and he came out first thing the next morning and showed me that the new hydrant wasn’t seating and was faulty from the manufacturer. He brought a new one with him and had it installed in minutes. Adam apologized more than once and both him and his partner were very professional and courteous.

Palouse Valley Septic Service LLC – (208) 596-6016 –
I called Tyson to have the septic tank pumped (years after it should have been) and he came out promptly and gave an estimate. When he came out to do the job he was quick, courteous and informative, mentioning there should be a cap (what size and where to get) on the vent and proper maintenance. The price was right as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him out and have a check-up done or pump it again in a few years.