About Me

My name is Nate Rowe and I’m an all around computer enthusiast. I love building, working on and using computers. I’m also an audiophile and a small engine tinkerer. My interest in computers started around 2003. Since then, I’ve been building, restoring, upgrading and maintaining computers for myself and countless others. I moved to Idaho in 2007 and started building a client base and business reputation in 2009.

Brutal Honesty

I have no formal training or education in the computer field, everything I know comes from a decade of hands-on experience. I also don’t officially run a “business”. I’m not registered or insured. For some, this will be a turn off, that’s fine. Personally, when I buy something or pay someone to do something, I like to know that the product or person’s work is backed by something. How do you know that a guy working out of his home isn’t going to screw you over?
First, I have testimonials.
Second, when you drop off your computer, you know exactly where I live (creepy…).
Third, word of mouth is extremely important in small communities and chances are, you’ve heard about me from a friend or family.
Finally, I have business morals.


As I mentioned above, I’m not formally trained. I did however, take a demo test for CompTIA’s A+ certification in 2010. This test shows a rough idea of the kind of questions given on the full test which demonstrates competence in the computer repair field. I realize this demo test doesn’t certify me, it just shows a vague idea of the skills I had a couple years ago. Here are the results of that test.
Aside from having a decade of hands-on experience doing computer work, I also have experience in setting up websites and coding (mostly backend stuff). A recent project was building the backend for Yakima Hearld‘s AdMarket [1], [2]. I also occasionally do a bit of code for for XN-Games

Find me Online

Twitter – Spanky_Big_Boy
Steam – natenkiki2004
MSN – natenkiki2004[at]hotmail[dot]com
YIM – natenkiki2004[at]yahoo[dot]com
AIM – natenkiki2004
GTalk – natenkiki2004[at]gmail[dot]com
Skype – nate.rowe4

Personal Projects

PostQuote [link]
I’ve always needed something to satisfy my need to create and I turned to coding. More specifically: PHP, Javascript, HTML and MySQL. Step by step I learned all the basics and since September 27th, 2010 I have been adding bit by bit, feature by feature to the site PostQuote It’s been a very fun learning experience. The site is basically a place for people to post and share quotes, kind of like a Twitter for what OTHER people say, well, only the worthwhile stuff.

The mAAp Pack Project (merged into AAO25.com) [retired]
Creating the mAAp Pack with Blueblaster was probably the project I was involved in the most. It has satisfied my itch to modify America’s Army: Special Forces (Video Game) via UnrealEd and make something truely unique. Basically we were able to make maps for a version of America’s Army that was not publically available to make maps. These levels ranged in complexity and really changed the gameplay. I learned a lot, I met quite a few good people along the way, got the community involved. The current version out is v6.0. Before the release of 5.0 I published a few videos of me doing some work on YouTube. I retired from the project several times after being inspired to re-start. Ultimately, the community showing very little interest is what killed it for me. I built the AAO25.com website with a good friend Jared and even after all the new found inspiration and hope for the future of the game, the community let us down once again. AAO25.com is now passed onto someone else to run and my hands are washed of the whole situation.

You can see several videos of this project on my YouTube page. The most recent and my personal favorite would be:
America’s Army: Pipeline Redesign [Build 20100720]

Headshot! Gaming Community
Gaming Communities. Yea, I’ve made a few. I started one a while back called Headshot!. It was pretty successfull, we helped out a good number of people and provided a place to bullshit. Unfortunately without funding and a proper place to host, I was constantly moving it from hoster to hoster and thus changing the domain name so it was pretty hard to keep people together. Ultimately in the end, it was a hoster that up and left without warning that caused the demise of Headshot!. I brought Headshot! back in late 2010 or early 2011 as a subdomain of this site. A few of us clowned around on it until it was merged into AAO25 (see above). After I left AAO25, I co-started Gaming Revised but as of now, it has very little activity. The future of me being admin on a well-used forum looks to be fading.