Old Testimonials

-Mike:“Within the last three weeks Nate has worked on my 2 desktops and IBM laptop. Within this time, he not only fine tuned my computers with memory upgrades and general maintenance to get them up to par, but also did an excellent job in diagnosing and repairing my IBM laptop LCD screen. While his specialty is desktops, his ability to repair in areas of which he is not accustomed is commendable. Overall, his work ethic and constant contact with his clients is outstanding. I strongly reccomend Nate not only for your computer upgrades and repairs, but for his friendly advice. Mike-Palouse, Washington”
-Anonymous #1:“I’ve had Nate work on my computer three times, once for a virus, another for memory upgrades / performance and most recently for a cleaning. Nate is prompt in replying to emails in detailed simple terms. When I’m unable or don’t want to work on my computer ie: change out memory, he is quick to meet me, on time, to hand off equipment. Nate keeps in contact while he has my computer, keeps me up to date with repair cost and time estimates, giving me several repair and upgrade / part options and giving me advice on what would be best for my applications. He works promptly so I am not without my computer for any longer than necessary. On the personal front, Nate is kind and friendly and never made me feel insecure about how little I know about computers, with folks like him, I don’t need to know, he has the resources and knowledge to get the job done.”
-Dolores:“Nate and I had corresponded several times before meeting with my computer that was desperately in need of repair. Granted, it is a bit older PC by today’s standards, so I wasn’t sure if it even had any life left in it, but Nate seemed confident that he could fix it, judging by what I’d already told him about the machine. He answered all of my emails quickly and in terms that my family and I could understand, and if he was not completely sure of something I was asking about (which did not happen often), he was willing to research and provide me with very helpful links/resources to look into if I’d wanted. He completed the work in a very timely manner and kept me informed throughout the entire process (time, parts, labor, cost, etc…) Surprisingly, he was able to restore it to an even more improved state of operation than when I’d originally had it built and at an extremely reasonable rate, especially compared to some of the shops that I’d checked with before responding to Nate’s post on craigslist! My husband and I agree that we will definitely seek Nate’s services in the future! -Dolores (and family) in Grangeville, Idaho”
-Richard:Wanted to say I have found a repair man that goes all the way to help his customers for any and all repair that is needed. I am and will get the word out for him so he may have some more customers. Very nice to have someone that gets and takes care of business for his customers. Thanks Nate for a job well done thanks a million! Richard, Palouse Wash.
-Deb Tanner:“My name is Deb Tanner I bought a desktop dell from Nate in early spring 2010. I am so happy with it. Nate asked me what my needs were. I told him what I used my computer for… he said I might need a little more memory, He ordered the equpment needed at a very fair price, installed it and made sure it was running in perfect order. It had the open office and all the necessary programs. Since that time my daughter has started online school and it fits all her needs also. Nate delivered the computer to my house offered to help set it up made sure I had all the required cords. All in a timely manner. I am so happy with it. I am a disabled older woman and it provides a lot of entertainment for me playing games, listening to music, my ipod care. THANK YOU NATE!!!!! In the future Nate Rowe is the one I will get a hold of for my computer needs. Thank You again!”
-Doug S.:“I had my Gateway laptop cleaned up and memory added by Nate. He was very efficent and extremlly cost effective. My laptop is 50% faster and starts very quickly. Nate suggested some software changes that we’re user friendly. I would suggest Nate for any of your computer issues, he’s great.”
-Theresa Carter:“Nate has been my go-to computer guy since June, 2011. He’s worked on two of my computers, and most recently built me a custom computer. He is so professional, polite and knowledgeable; there’s no way I’d take my business elsewhere. He’s especially good at explaining all the steps along the way in his repair, and I appreciate how diligent and conscientious he is. A wonderful business experience :) ”
-Bonnie S.:I am happy to have found Nate, he is the best at computer repair! I have compared prices and not only is Nate the most affordable, he is also faster than any other place I have found. It is nice to have found someone local that I can trust, now I can get the upgrades I want for my computer at prices I can afford. Thank You Nate… You are GREAT!
-Brad:“Nate provides custom built computers at great prices. They are from used parts, but much cheaper than I could get anywhere else. My computer works great, and I got a heck of a deal. -Brad”