Build Request

Contact me and I will reply with a list of parts and a cost. This service is completely free.

Below is a basic computer I can build. The price of parts is from 4/30/2016, prices go up and down. I charge a flat rate to build a computer (see my services page for cost). Some of these parts may seem expensive but I do not mark up anything. You pay exactly what I pay, and I don’t keep an inventory of computer parts, I order them as my customers need them, you always get fresh & brand new parts. The motherboard and power supply are more expensive because they lay the foundation for future upgrades without having to replace a bunch of parts. The parts below are reliable brand that I trust in my own personal computers. This computer is built to last. Upgrading is very simple and all the other parts support various upgrades such as memory, graphics card and CPU (literally just buy a new CPU, pop it in and get over 5x performance increase). Any individual part in this list can be upgraded to suit the needs of your use. I offer this list as an affordable option I am comfortable building. I can go with less expensive parts but future upgrades and quality will be hampered if I do.

I offer a 6-month warranty on labor. This means if something fails and it needs to be replaced, I will do the labor for free. The cost of warranty claims or buying new parts is entirely up to the customer. The parts I use typically have a warranty range of 2-5 years and some even have a lifetime warranty. Most OEM Computers you will buy come with a 1 year warranty or less.

$565.93 – Quick Specifications: Dual Core, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 250GB SSD, Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
Parts List:
CD/DVD Drive –
Case –
Memory –
Motherboard –
Power Supply –
Windows 10 –