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Microsoft Support Scam

Please share this. This is a great example of a popular scam going around, and one that’s been going around for years. This can pop up at just about any time and has happened to me. It’s not a virus

News/Updates on Facebook

It’s been over 2 years since I’ve posted on here. Wow, time flies. Just in case anyone looks at this section of my website, don’t think I’m not active. I just tend to lean towards Facebook for news and posts

2016 Updates

I’ve gone through most of this site and updated content on pages including information, recommendations and prices. I tried to make things clearer and more concise to understand. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions!

Yes, upgrading to a SSD is safe.

People sometimes ask me about SSD’s and their longevity. Typically, I only recommend products and parts that I’ve personally tested or use, I don’t like to try new things at someone elses’ expense. These days, I only recommend Samsung solid

Community Page

I’ve started work on a page to showcase local businesses that I’ve used and some information about my experiences with them. More businesses will be added soon:

More website updates

I figured with my advertisement in the latest CIA publication, I would do some cleaning and re-organizing of some pages on here. I’ve been working on the About Me page a fair bit. Check it out 🙂

ASUS eeePC Cleaner Script

The last few days I’ve been working on refurbishing an older eeePC. This netbook has a 4GB SSD drive in it and while Windows XP will install, it will quickly fill up the drive with update and other temporary files.

Happy New Year!

Yea, it’s belated but I’ve been pretty busy. Right now I have plans on fixing up this website which would include new prices for services and the ability to take payments directly on this site via Stripe. I’ll be working

New Prices for 2013

Starting with the new year, I will be implementing new prices to reflect my growing customer base. Now, I’ve always put my prices to be what I find morally fair and agreeable even for those on a tight budget because

Recommended Parts

I just added a new page of info on the recommended computer parts that I both trust and use in personal and customer builds. Check the page out!

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