Lack of News & Printer for Sale

I haven’t posted much news lately. I have been doing computer work but nothing to really broadcast. I do have 2 computers for sale but they both have potential buyers and they are reserved right now. I spent some time updating the testimonials page. I do have a printer for sale if anyone’s interested. It’s a HP Officejet Pro L7650 and I am asking $60. It’s a really nice high-end printer that I just have no use for. E-Mail me if you’re interested.

2 Comments on “Lack of News & Printer for Sale

  1. I own a really nice laptop, but I was kind of considering upgrading to something else. Do you have any more computers for sale that would be good for a college student? The one I bought before was great, but I was considering upgrading to a new one and giving my favorite Sony laptop to my nephew.

  2. All I have on hand now for refurbished computers is a Dell Dimension early P4. It’s a very basic computer but would be alright for web browsing and listening to music. I’m asking $40.

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