Content flood

I spent a sizable amount of time on the site today gathering info from my old site and some new info that I haven’t had before such as the Inventory page. Why do I have content like that on this site? Well, firstly this site is more for me than it is for the public. The blog will be a log of events that I’ll try to keep updated so at a later point, if I need to search it to find out what happened when, I’ll be able to. The Inventory list serves me so I know what I have and can give people either a quick answer or a link to the page. Other new content on this site would be the spiffy Contact form and the smooth coding of the Testimonials page. These are strictly for the people that happen upon my site, mostly for computer repair queries. In the next few days I plan to organize the content some more, add a few things to the inventory, and get some graphics work done by a buddy of mine. The changes are indeed exciting.

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