Year: 2010

Website Updates

I installed a SEO plugin to help people come here via searches. Changed various other settings and edited some minor code. Testimonials now rotate in a nifty fashion.

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Couple updates

There were several updates to the site code and I also made a few changes to the layout and information on the site. More updates will be coming soon.

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Dell Dimension 8200 For Sale! (SOLD)

It’s been a while but I have another fine re-built computer for sale. This time it’s a Dell Dimension 8200! Specs and information below: Specs: Intel Celeron 2.4GHz 1GB RDRAM PC800 (256MBx4 sticks) ABit Siluro GF4 MX440 Sound Blaster Live

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Website Updated & Certification Info

I’ve updated the following pages: About Me My Stuff Want List I’m also working on the header, I have no clue why it’s not aligned but I’ll fix it 😛 I took the demo test for CompTIA A+ Certification and

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Updated Inventory

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. I’m still here, I’m still doing computer work. I updated my very old inventory list.

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Website overhaul

Over the next couple days I am going to be re-doing a lot of the stuff on this website. It should be a lot more friendly when I’m done. Things may seem funky but a lot of stuff will be

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The HP A500Y is done, check out it’s craigslist listing: I also have 2 more computers coming soon. One will be based around a 2GHz AMD CPU with 1GB of RAM, 80GB Hard Drive, FX5700 graphics card and will

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Rebuilt HP A500Y (Sold)

I received this computer from a customer as a trade for labor and it was in pretty bad shape. Several of the capacitors on the motherboard were bulging and leaking and the hard drive was shot. Normally those repairs don’t

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New Website Host!

The old host sucked. It was down more than it was up and they disabled features. For those of you who were trying to access my site during this time, I’m sorry. This website is now hosted on a paid

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Dell Dimension 3000 For Sale! (sold) & Inventory Updates

Check out my Inventory page for info on the 2 Dell Dimension’s I have for sale. Both are fully updated and running a validated copy of Windows XP Professional. More updates to the site will be happening.

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